• She looked in the mirror while dressing for school,
    noticing her freckled face saying
    “I look like a ghoul!
    I hate these freckles all over my face,
    I wish they would go live some other place!”
  • My name is Patsy, I came to assist,
    to show you THAT which you wished.
    Kate was surprised, but curious too,
    so she moved a little closer, to hear what Patsy knew.
  • Peace is a choice you make
    in each action you take
    and in the words you speak
    this is the technique.
  • I love my face covered in spots,
    I will only think positive thoughts!
    Love and self acceptance
    is the way to a peaceful presence.

Young Kate feels sad, mad and even sick in her belly after witnessing a day of hurtful words towards herself and others. Kate longs for a way to bring peace to herself and to those around the world. No sooner does she ask the question how, when Patsy, the crow, flies in with wise words that put Kate on a path towards peace.

People around the globe seem more divided than ever these days. A way to achieve peace can seem almost out of reach. Peace is a Choice You Make, reminds us that, in order to bring peace to the world, we must first find peace within. Sharing that peace with the world is a choice we make with every interaction we have.

Peace is a Choice You Make, is a whimsically illustrated book that persuades us to choose love and peace as a we make our way in the world. The author includes “Peacework Exercises” that help readers create peace within, with the hope of sharing that peace with the world.

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